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Vacuum Microwave Dryer

Capacity:6-30 kg/h

Application: aslemon Acid,chicken essence,borax,ammonium sulfate,radish silk,seeds,salt,silkworm, etc

Industry: chemical,pharmaceutical,food,dehydrated vegetables,grain,mining,etc

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Microwave vacuum dryer is a new technology that uses microwave to dry the material under the condition of vacuum. With a short time, low temperature, isolated oxygen, high drying efficiency and other features.Suitable for material with high heat sensitivity, easily oxidized, low temperature drying, especially suitable for paste thick material. For chemical products of low temperature concentration, crystallization water removal from dry, enzymes, etc.; Vacuum extraction of Chinese herbal medicine; Suitable for scientific research institutions laboratory.

Model   Voltage Frequency(MHz) Vacuum degree(Mpa)   Power(KW)   Overall dimention(mm)   Microwave Leakage(mW/cm²)
GRT-V6 380V,50Hz 2450±50 -0.08~-0.092Mpa 6  1350*900*1750  ≤5
GRT-V9 380V,50Hz 2450±50 -0.08~-0.092Mpa 9   1350*900*1750 ≤5
GRT-V12 380V,50Hz 2450±50 -0.08~-0.092Mpa 12  1500*1200*1750  ≤5
GRT-V20 380V,50Hz 2450±50 -0.08~-0.092Mpa 20 2500*2000*1850 ≤5
GRT-V24 380V,50Hz 2450±50 -0.08~-0.092Mpa 24 2600*2000*2000 ≤5
GRT-V30 380V,50Hz 2450±50 -0.08~-0.092Mpa 30 2800*2000*2200 ≤5
This equipment is customized, more options please contact us.
Our drying machines are more efficient than standard dryers in the overseas market. In our food dehydrators, we only use high-quality components. It maximizes capacity while taking up the least amount of floor area possible. It provides optimal energy efficiency, a uniform drying effect, continuous work 24/7, and a working life of 15-20 years. Our dryers are the most cost-effective in international markets because they are safe, efficient, and durable.

Microwave vacuum drying machine are made by microwave system, the material plate deviceand vacuum system, etc.
Automatic operation
Equipment can stable operation for a long time continuously,according to different material, moisture content, temperature, etc.,
There is one survey show us that the effective composition content of final products is more than 30% compare with the final products which is processed by common microwave vacuum dryer.
You can get the dried material with good color and high quality

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