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Vertical fluid bed dryer

Capacity:100-2000 kg/h
Application: medicinal granules, capsule granules, and low sugar or no sugar granules of Chinese medicine, cocoa, coffee-mate, instant tea, juice dissolving granules, flavoring and so on.
Industry: chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, pesticide, animal feed, chemicals, pigment, dyestuff and other industries.
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Fluid Bed Dryer is a lucid solution for a fluid turbulence in granulated or wet powder produce by means of hot air flowing in an upward direction and drying the product to a desired temperature.

Mostly in the pharmaceutical industry this innovative method has replaced the time-consuming tray drying long ago. The drying process with Fluidized bed dryer reduces the drying time. In addition, fluidized bed drying provides controlled and uniform drying conditions compared to the uneven drying in trays.




Steam expenditure

Compressed air expenditure

Weight of the main body

Steam pressure

GRT-3 1.5-4.5 15 0.9 500

GRT-5 4-6 23 0.9 700 1.2x0.7x2.1
GRT-15 10-20 42 0.9 900 1.25x0.9x2.5
GRT-30 15-45 70 0.9 1000 1.6x1.1x2.5
GRT-60 30-90 141 1.0 1100 1.85x1.4x3
GRT-120 80-160 211 1.0 1300 2.2x1.65x3.3
GRT-200 100-300 282 1.1 1500 2.34x1.7x3.8
GRT-300 150-450 366 1.5 1800 2.8x2.0x4.0
GRT-500 250-750 451 1.5 2000 3x2.25x4.4
This equipment is customized, more options please contact us.
1. Robust drying chamber
The drying chamber is made by SUS304 or SUS316L steel plate, fully welded and mirror polished. The design is robust, simple and compact which requires minimum maintenance.
2. Fast and uniform drying
Due to the specially designed drying bowl and agitator, wet material can be perfectly fluidized to make sure fast and uniform drying.
3. Flexibility in heat source
The heat source can be steam, hot water, electricity, thermal oil, oil/gas/coal/biomass fired hot air generator to match with different working conditions.
4. Flexibility in drying
The dryer works in batch type so that drying time can be easily controlled. It can be used to dry materials with different moisture content and moisture type.
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